"The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our Lord stands forever. Isaiah 40:8

12 July 2006

Blogger Stinks, Take a Number

Okay, I just discovered some newer comments to some older posts because I happened to scroll down. Blogger is suppose to send me an email each time I have a new comment but that notification system stopped working for me a few months ago. I'm wondering if Wordpress would be better or if adding haloscan would help.

So I apologize to anyone who has made a comment and never heard back from me. Not that I respond to every comment, but if there is a question I try to respond.

Now, Beth has made 2 comments specifically about my posts on Catholicism that brought up some good points that I would like to address in a separate post. I'll do that when I can.

I also have meant to address some of Alma's comments on my Scripture alone post but haven't gotten to that yet.

I also exchanged an email with Alma that got more into Mormonism, I would like to talk about some of that also.

And, I am in the middle of a post (although I was interrupted and may have lost my steam and/or train of thought) which I would like to finish before I tackle any of the above.

Hence my title, take a number. If you have anything to say about moving to Wordpress or adding Haloscan, please leave me a comment. Eventually I'll see it :)

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