"The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our Lord stands forever. Isaiah 40:8

18 July 2006

Christian Women Bloggers

I mentioned previously that I was looking for new blogs to read by Christian women. Now, there are lots of wonderful blogs written by Christian women out there, but I guess I have a certain type of content and personality in mind.

So far I have added just about anybody that comments here. My theory is, if you enjoy some of what I have to say then I’ll probably enjoy what you have to say. So if you read here but never comment, now is the time to say hello so I can visit your blog.

The second type of addition to my blogroll has been commenters on other sites that I enjoy. In a similar method to above, if we both like the same blog maybe we will like each other’s blog.

So, I thought I would share here some of the newer blogs that I am reading now. I use Bloglines to keep track of all my blogs. If you do not use Bloglines or some other type of aggregator to keep track of the blogs you read, you must. It saves a lot of time.

Let me first mention Michele as she has three separate blogs (she may even have more, but these are the ones I follow now). I also think she may qualify under my “feisty” category although she may not appreciate that:
Blogging Chicks
Reformed Chicks Blabbing
Life Under the Sun

The rest:
Reformed Mama
The Preacher’s Wife
Deo Volente
Reflections of the Times

My other reads are listed in my sidebar.


Amy Scott said...

If you're looking for fiesty, you might want to check out Cindy at Dominion Family (dot com). Of course, I mean this as the highest compliment!

Sheena said...

I use bloglines aswell, it saves clicking on a long list of blogs to see if they have updated or not.

Dionna Sanchez said...

Carrie -
Thank you for your comment on my blog and your prayers! That touches me and means so much. I do continue to need your prayers as it looks like our little "Issue" is not going to go away and may have to be dealt with head on.
Thank you.

michele said...

I agree with "feisty," though I would have agreed with "cranky" as well. I was just going to add you to my blogroll (I use bloglines for my recip. link list and I was getting your url). Thanks for the mention!

michele said...

BTW, thanks for the quote (hehe)

Anna Venger said...

Just found you, actually, and read several of your posts. Very cool that there are so many other Christians on the web. There's so much bad stuff. Thank goodness there are positive messages from a Christian worldview out here too.

littlemama said...

Stumbled accross your blog, and found you very interesting and insightful! I don't know that anything on my blog would qualify as fiesty, but I'm not sure I'm bold enough to be fiesty yet! :)(not online on my blog anyway) :) But, since you wanted to read more christian women blogs, maybe you'd enjoy mine as I enjoyed yours, love to hear from you.

Libbie said...

Well, I just found you, and very good it is too...

Jami Leigh said...

Thanks for the link! I've been a bit out of pocket lately and had missed this post. It's good to be back

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