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30 June 2006

Dialogue with a Catholic, Part 1

Beth came across my post on being a Recovering Catholic recently and emailed me. She has been kind enough to allow me to post our conversation here:

Beth Said:

I was interested to read your recovering Catholic thread. I was saddened to see your conclusion that a Catholic can't possibly know Jesus Christ. In my travels I have found that there are as many nominal born again Christians as there are nominal Catholics.

I personally have found a depth and wisdom in the Catholic Church that I find no where else. It challenges me and leads me always to Jesus Christ. I am intrigued in recent years by hearing more and more testimonies of born again Christians who have embraced the Catholic Church. The "Surprised by Truth" book series documents many of these.

I have to admit though I hear plenty of Catholics who feel the need to place judgment on other Christian and their relationship with God. I get tired of hearing it from both sides. Let us recognize Jesus Christ where He is present.

Here was my reply to Beth:

Thank you for your comment. I had to go back and read my post to see what sentence you were referring to and maybe I could have stated my opinion better. It's not so much that I don't think a Catholic can know Jesus, but I have a difficult time believing that someone who knows the Word of God could be a part of the Catholic church. Maybe that is just semantics but I think that expresses how I feel just a bit better.

I have met a few Catholics since I've been blogging and am glad that there are at least a few who know biblical truths and understand their faith. My experience in general with Catholics (including my own family) is the type of attitude that going to church each Sunday is "good enough" to get you into heaven. That is the type of attitude that bothers me.

It breaks my heart that there may be people faithfully attending church each Sunday and yet never get to know God. I think it is abhorrent that people could be attending any church and not understand the Gospel message and that they will spend eternity in hell if they don't put their faith in Jesus (and that isn't just lip service, it's a total transformation). I see alot of that in the Catholic church but there are also some Protestant denominations that I am just as unhappy with.

You are right, we should be careful as Christians not to judge other people's relationship with God. But I would be neglecting my duties as a child of God if I did not try to correct others who I feel may not have a true relationship with Jesus and therefore are not saved. Besides, isn't part of the Catholic doctrine that no one can be saved outside of the Catholic church? Do you believe that? If so, that seems a more condemning statement against personal faith than anything I have said.

I will post Beth's followup reply and mine in my next post.


NikkiJ7890 said...

"But I would be neglecting my duties as a child of God if I did not try to correct others who I feel may not have a true relationship with Jesus and therefore are not saved."

So, you are judging someone because they are Catholic and you "feel" that they don't have a true relationship with God. It sounds like you think you are God- where do you get off making a statement like that? So it's your way or no way- once again- not very Christian of you.

Carrie said...


This is now the second time you have called me "un-Christian" so I'm starting to think you distrust Christians in general or just don't like me. Either way, I'm probably not going to convince you of much.

You are interpreting my quote out of context and missing the jist of my message. No, I don't think I'm God. No, I am not judging someone based on my feelings. No, it's not my way or no way.

But it is Jesus' way or no way and my mission with anyone who may not know the correct way is to point them to it (that being Jesus).

John 14:6
Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

Acts 4:12
"Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved."

Bernice said...

Carrie, as a former Catholic-now Born Again Christian.....

I can say that I understand where you are coming from....I was a very loyal(to say the least) Catholic....my mother on the other hand was DEVOTE Catholic, however after realizing I needed a relationship with Christ verses a relationship of a church.....I turned to Christianity...my Mother when I told her, was upset that I left the church. I explained it to her this way, if I stayed with the Catholic church I was not happy with, I would not attend church but, if I went to the Christian church I was Born Again at...that I would serve God and make Heaven my home. She said to keep going to church that God would be happy! after a few years...I had a discussion with my mother and found from that talk that she was truely saved.........although still serving God in the Catholic church. This blew my mind! When she passed away an uncle of mine stood before the church of over 300+ ppl and said that if it hadn't been for her example he would not be saved today! Person after person stepped up to say similar comments about my mother and her Christ filled life! So although the Catholic church was not for me, I can say I know several Catholic's that are truely saved by Christ & Christ alone.
no debate here....just a comment on this topic

Anonymous said...


I sm perplexed why you put Catholics in the same boat as Mormons. My understanding is that we as Christians all embrace the Nicene Creed and can agree on that.
Whereas Mormons or Jehovah Witness's do not.

Why do you focus on your doctrinal differences with Catholics and not differences you have with other Christian denominations? ( and proclaim that they are not walking in the truth or are not Christians, clearly there are major differences between Pentecostals, Baptists etc)

Clearly, you must acknowlegde that although not all Catholics (or evangelicals) follow Jesus Christ in their hearts that the core teaching of their Church is that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Just a thought I had as I pondered your comments.
Can we agree that you and I both embrace the Nicene Creed as the core of our Christian faith? or do you not accept this?


Carrie said...

Sorry! Blogger stinks. It is suppose to alert me to new comments by email but it does not, so I just happened to see the new comments today.

Thanks Bernice for sharing that. I certainly would rest easier if I could know for certain that there are Catholics who are saved so your story gives me hope.

Beth - I want to answer you in more detail in a separate post as you have some valid points and I hate for those points to get lost in the comment section of an old post. Let me get back to you!

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