"The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our Lord stands forever. Isaiah 40:8

10 July 2006

Finding Christ

I'm on a mission to find some new blogs to read. I'm looking for women who love God and like to write about Him. Even better, women who are willing to get a bit fiesty in defending God and His Word.

So I've added a few new blogs to my bloglines account and will keep my fingers crossed. If you read here, please leave a comment so I can visit your own blog. If you have any suggestions for blogs that I may like, please leave a comment also.


Reformed Mama said...

just stumbled on your blog and i LIKE it.

thought i'd say hello.

Anita Aurit said...

I love your blog and your point of view. I think we are kindred spirits and, by my definition you are a true HER-oe! I've added a link to your blog from mine
Anita Aurit
Website-HER-oes, Women living their faith out loud

Musings on the HER-oic Life

Jami Leigh said...

Just found my way back here, Love the insight and your search for blogs of value. Be sure to share with us any good links you come across.

Robin said...

I enjoy your blog. I miss Marla too.

I'm a bad blogger, you won't find anything current on my little corner of the web, but maybe soon.

Keep on bloggin'

Robin said...

I forgot to mention...


Have you checked out the Blogs of Beauty nominations and finalists? I found a couple of great reads that way last year.

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