"The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our Lord stands forever. Isaiah 40:8

20 January 2006

Blogger Block & Resources

Since I seem to be suffering from blogger block, I thought I would just post a few resources today.

Dan has an excellent series posted at Cerulean Sanctum called “21 Steps to a 21st Century Church”. You may not agree with all he has to say, but it will give you some things to think about as a maturing Christian.

A few months back I stumbled across Ralph’s site Behind the Badge, and enjoyed reading some of his articles. Ralph has a great fervor for the Lord and his articles are very well-founded in scripture. I appreciate his hard-line stance on issues and his openness to share his testimony. More recently I started to read his Apologetics section which contains many questions he has received by email about Christianity and his responses back. Many of the emails are from non-believers (some quite hostile) so I have found his answers to some of the more common oppostion points very informative. I also greatly admire his devotion to take the time to thoroughly answer so many questions from complete strangers.


Dan Edelen said...

Thank you for the link to my series at Cerulean Sanctum. I hope that it proves a blessing to others.

Have a great weekend!

Carol said...

You challenge me to think deeply when you send me to Dan's site. I read his first couple of posts in the 21 Steps series, then realized it was taking me into deep waters. I know, God is also in the depths of the sea, but it alters my DNA to think that hard, Carrie. (Okay, it doesn't really alter my DNA.)

I'm done whining now. Off to Cerulean Sanctum to get caught up. (You just gotta love Dan!)

Carrie said...

Dan's site is deep but not too deep that I feel lost. I don't really care to debate small theological issues so I don't frequent any of those blogs. But when I read Dan's site I get revved up for a revival.

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