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10 November 2005

Animals or Humans - Which is More Important?

In the news today is an article about an attempt to ban Foie gras (goose or duck liver) in the Chicago area. Apparently the fowl’s livers are fattened by tube feedings to create the large livers that are ultimately served up in many fine restaurants. The animal rights people have decided that this practice is cruel and are trying to put a stop to it as quoted on ABCnews.com:

“ ’Force-feeding birds to have livers up to 10 times their size is appalling and most citizens are shocked to learn this,’ said Gene Bauston, president of the animal rights group Farm Sanctuary, which is part of a worldwide movement against foie gras.”

Isn’t it amazing that an animal rights group could get a ban on this supposedly cruel practice yet as a nation we continue to murder our own children through abortion! Why aren’t citizens shocked by that? When are people going to realize that human life is more important than an animal’s life? Are there more animal rights people out there than pro-life supporters, or are the animal rights people just more vocal? I don’t get it!

I wonder, are the people that are into animal rights also pro-life? Somehow I doubt it. And yet I would guess that they are speaking out against animal cruelty because the animals can’t speak for themselves. How about all the unborn children that can’t speak for themselves. Aren’t they worth speaking out for?

In fact, according to PETA’s (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) website, they support stem cell research because it has the potential to reduce animal research in the long run. So, one of the largest animal rights groups in the nation supports the use of tissue from aborted babies in medical research because it could ultimately save animal lives.

It seems the insanity of the world will never end.

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Anonymous said...

I am definitely pro-life and pro-animal rights. Cruelty to any innocent creature is despicable!Stephanie

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