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14 August 2006

Book Meme Followup

This was interesting. This website did a survey of the recent book meme and listed books that were mentioned multiple times.

I got this meme from Michele who didn’t mention the original rules which included excluding the Bible, so my list was not only boring, but a rule breaker. That Michele is a troublemaker I tell you.

Anyway, the list reminded me of some of my favorite secular books and also a book that I had remembered making me cry as a kid, but couldn’t remember the title before.

My favorite secular book is Pride and Prejudice. My favorite Christian book is The Hiding Place. And the book that made me cry was Where the Red Fern Grows.

Check out the link above for the general consensus on books.


e-Mom said...

Thanks for the book meme link. You probably figured out I love books. One caveat... I'm not a fiction-lover. The Bible is my all-time fav. too.

michele said...

Not only a trouble maker but a rebel! I took out the part that said "beside the Bible" because I can incude the Bible if I want to, it's my blog. :-)

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