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07 June 2006

Questions in Heaven

We meet weekly with a smaller group from our church to fellowship and there is usually a topic for discussion led by someone in the group. Last night the icebreaker-type question was “What person from the Bible (other than Jesus) would you like to meet in heaven and what question would you ask them?"

Most of us could probably come up with a long list of questions for various people, so it was an interesting exercise. In fact, I like the question so much I think I may post some of my questions here from time to time when I’m low on content.

The question/person I thought of last night was Peter. I’ve written about Peter before and how I was touched that Paul records (1Cor 15:5) that Jesus visited Peter after his resurrection and prior to his appearance to the other disciples. This is just a few days after Peter’s denial of Jesus and the condemning call of the rooster.

So my question to Peter would be: “What did Jesus say to you in that private meeting after his resurrection?” After a major failure on Peter’s part and after so many failures in my own life, I’d love to know what Jesus had to say to Peter.

1 comment:

HolyMama! said...

awesome question. i have no idea what mine would be.

i like esther a lot, but i don't know what i'd ask. what were the beauty treatments like? don't you hate sharing your husband with all those other women...?

probably not the best answer, huh?!

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