"The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our Lord stands forever. Isaiah 40:8

10 March 2006

Incognito Uncovered

Okay, I’m over myself with all this “niche” business. Thanks for listening.

Sometimes I have so many things kicking around in my head that I go into autopilot and that’s when I get silly. Silly is not want I want to be here. Well, maybe silly once in awhile as sometimes life just gets too serious. But I am VERY serious about the Lord and that’s what I want to focus on here.

So we’re heading back to our normal programming for the most part, but I think I might try to get a little more personal. In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t have any pictures of myself on here, heck I don’t even mention my name. I’m just some Christian girl out in Pennsylvania. The fact that I have a computer tells you I’m not Amish so you can narrow it down a little bit, but that’s still leaves you pretty much in the dark.

My point is that I HATE getting personal. The thought of putting my name and picture up on my blog would scare the daylights out of me. I’m just not a public person. I think it’s great that so many of you are the opposite (names, pictures, etc.).

Maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment but I feel the need to push past some of this. Maybe it’s because I enjoy the personal stuff I read at other people’s blogs and somehow it seems to enhance their writing – I don’t know. Don’t expect pictures or anything, but I may try to add some lists about myself like I’ve seen other people do. If my husband, who reads my blog, starts to goof on me then I will head back to reclusion. Ditto if the rest of you goof on me.

That’s all I have to say for now. Thanks to my 5 regular readers for hanging in there.


flipflop said...

Just be yourself. God accepts you for who you are....and we will too.

Anonymous said...

I read you every day - one of my "disciplines" is going to be to comment on 10 blogs a day.

Maybe that's too many, but I know that I'd like more folks to comment on my blog (although maybe I just write the wrong kind of stuff) and if I comment more - especially those blogs with lower traffic - that can be an encouragement.

by the way, you're on my blogroll.

If it helps at all, I got sitemeter and discovered that even if I go days and days without a comment, folks do read.


eph2810 said...

You are too funny.
You know, I have my blog for almost a year (well, didn't really 'blog' until last fall). I really tried to keep my name out of the blog, but than, people started using my name in the comment section. Still, I haven't told people where exactly I live in AZ. Not even people who 'know' me a little better in the blogsphere. Although, I really don't have anything to hide (actually I am an open book - lol), I don't like the idea that people know where I live - strange huh...To make a long story short - I totally understand what you mean about getting too personal...

Muley said...

Sounds like you're doing the right thing. If you can't tell, I'm sort of the same way on my blog. Except for baby pics, I've only posted my photo once, and I guess you've figured out by now that "Muley" is an alias. I'm probably less reticent to get personal than you seem to be, but I'll never be one who lets it all out online, either.

So don't worry. Do what works for you.

It would have been neat if you were Amish, though. An Amish blogger! That would be cool... I could see Good Mornia America all over that story.

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