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19 March 2006

Free Blogger Templates

Carol asked me about my blog template as she has a friend looked for something beyond the default template. Someone asked me this before so I thought I would just post a couple of sites that I have found that offer free blogger templates in case anyone else feels like redecorating.


Not an exhaustive list but these were some sites I had bookmarked. There are usually instructions on the sites. If you know nothing about html it may be a little daunting to make the change yourself but it's not terribly difficult.

Along those lines, I've been thinking of changing my template to a less feminine look. I don't want to turn off any potential male readers when they see the blog name and then the womanly design. Unfortunately, I'm not ready to pay for my own template so I'll have to look over the freebies again.


eph2810 said...

Oh, I am glad you mentioned Cristina's blog. That is where I got my template from. Although mine is customized to my specifications, she is some awesome free ones. :)

Carol said...

How helpful! I'll pass along the news.

Dionna Sanchez said...

Oh don't change your template! I love it!! And I have a rose on mine and I know I have at least two regular male readers. I think if they are interested in what you write, they will read no matter what your template looks like.

Lauren said...

I like your template too. It's unique to you, it would seem odd to see anyone else with it.

acp said...

oh please don't switch your template. I know you're going away from blogging for a while anyhow. But I love your template--it's so you. Are you saying that a guy will be driven away because he sees a pretty woman? I hardly think so!! *lol* I agree with Dionna: if they're interested in what you're saying, the template really makes little difference. That's like saying because you have red hair, people with brown hair won't read your blog.....JMHO!

Anonymous said...

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Name: Michelle said...

Thanks so much! I used your links to find a template for my new blog on prayer!

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