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02 February 2006

Favorite Charities?

My husband and I have some money set aside from some recent blessings that we want to give to some Christian charities/ministries. We already have money earmarked for our church as I believe that one's local church should be the first place you give, but this is some extra money that we would like to give to other causes. I thought it would be fun to hear from others about their favorite Christian charities. If you have any to recommend, please leave a comment.

One of my favorite charities is Compassion International. We have a compassion child that we support, but they always have needs for more support for unsponsored children and other projects. Children are such an important ministry, if you don't sponsor a child already, I highly recommend this organization.

One of my newer favorite charities is The Bible League. They pass out bibles throughout the world and what could be more important to spreading God's word than, well, spreading God's Word.

Other ministries I like are radio ministries which help encourage and edify fellow Christians. Some of my favorites are The Christian Research Institute (The Bible Answer Man), In Touch Ministries, and Focus on the Family. I also like the Prison Fellowship ministry (Chuck Colson/Breakpoint/Angeltree).

Those are some of my favorites but I’m always looking for new ministries. Sometimes it becomes a bit overwhelming because there are so many good organizations in need of funds, but there are only so many any one person can support. This is an area where I also think it is imperative to be a good steward when deciding where to give. Like the parable of the talents, we want to get the most return on our investment.

Please stop by the comments section and tell me about your favorite Christian charity.


Carol said...

I like the ones you listed, as well. (I'm a big fan of Chuck Colson.) I also like the Salvation Army. There are some local homeless shelthers that do not rely on any government monies at all so they are free to share the gospel. I like supporting those. Then there are the pregnancy crisis centers. The one in our county is trying to purchase a sonogram machine. Did you know that between 85% - 90% of abortion-minded, pregnant women will choose to give birth after seeing a sonogram? I think that's pretty significant.

Amy said...

I happened across your sight, (probably not by accident!) and I enjoy what I see. I will definately flag and be back.

On giving to Christian Charities, I agree with you. A favorite of mine is Young Life, a ministry that reaches out to high school kids that typically would never set foot in a church and generally don't feel like they belong anywhere. Check out their website at: www.younglife.org

Anonymous said...

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