"The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our Lord stands forever. Isaiah 40:8

25 December 2005

To Be or Not to Be Funny

Last week I was inspired to add some humor to my post when I wrote A Cupcake Christmas. So far I think most of my posts have been very serious and borderline brooding, and I’m not sure if that’s how I would like to write. Certainly I take my faith very seriously and have a rather matter of fact attitude, but I also love humor (reading it and making it) and wanted to try and incorporate that into my last post. Any opinions? (I ask as if the one or two people that visit my blog may actually answer – now that’s funny!).

The inspiration to incorporate humor came after I thought of creating a second blog about my occupation as a scientist. Prior to being saved I was quite cynical (okay, still am) and I still see a lot of humor in my menial position in the scientific world in a sort of Dilbert way. I think I could write up some pretty funny stuff, but the humor content would be cynical enough that I think it would be “inappropriate” for a Christian. Goofing on my superiors and whining about my inferiority are sinful behaviors that as a Christian I am trying to rectify, not glorify.

After reading some other Christian blogs that incorporated humor and I realized how much I love to read humorous writing. And of course, since I think I’m so funny, why not try to incorporate more humor in my Christian thoughts rather than pursue a humorous secular blog . On the downside, perhaps I’m the only one who thinks that I’m funny, except my husband, but he’s obligated by marriage.

So, I guess my point is…well, I don’t really have a point. Since this blog is fairly new, I guess I really haven’t found my niche yet. I’ll just keep writing as things come to me and see where it goes. Feedback is very welcome!


Anonymous said...

I read daily - keep it up.

Carrie said...

Thanks Ellen! Glad someone is listening/reading.

eph2810 said...

Me again. I know what you are talking about. I am taking my faith serious as well. I think sometimes people think that Christians are not funny people. I don't agree, because I think I can be funny if I want to be.
It really took me awhile until I realized that I needed two blogs - one for my more serious side and one for my funny side, thus I have created My Lighter Side, where I write more about my daily life (but still with a Christian undertone), with humor in it (laughing at myself mostly). I don't know if that is any help to you, but it is working well for me. :)
BTW - I like your blog and I am glad I have come across it.

Carrie said...

Yeah, I thought about having 2 blogs but I just don't think I have enough material or time to support two.

As much as I love humor, I think my Christian writing tends to be more serious and introspective so I'll probably just stick with that for now.

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